Walking to change attitudes in Tanzania

Child Support Tanzania (CST), our partners in Mbeya, Tanzania organised a charity walk to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Thursday 3 December 2015. Over 800 people walked from the Regional Commissioner’s Officer to Sokoine Stadium, the local football stadium, and called on both the Government and the community to change their attitudes towards disability.

Charity walk

“Disability is not a disease, it’s just a condition that some of us live with” says Noelah Msuya, key organiser of the charity walk. She wants to hold the community responsible for ensuring that children with disabilities do not miss out on their vital right to go to school. As the title implies, the Take All Your Friends to School project is about viewing disabled children as just children, befriending them, and going to school with them.

CST wants to ensure the Government’s Inclusion Education Policy is implemented in schools across Tanzania and all teachers are trained appropriately to accommodate disabled children into their classroom. “Sometimes few weaknesses can hide all the strengths of a child” says Noelah “but disability is not inability”.

The ‘Take All My Friends To School’ campaign is supported by the Open Society Foundation.

Click here to find out more about Child Support Tanzania and their incredible work supporting disabled and disadvantaged children. 


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  1. Philippe Lietard

    Good day,
    My name is Philippe Lietard and I chair a Foundation focusing on helping the disadvantaged women and children in Africa, this includes war victims and handicapped children. We try to help in particular young people in need of school and professional training leading in time to a productive life.
    I read with interest your website and that of your CST partners in Tanzania, and would love to hear more. Please let me know whom I should contact to start a discussion on what our Foundation could help.
    Philippe Lietard

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