Tough Mudder: An Inclusive Tough Mudder

On September 24th, Team-GB Paralympian – Dimitri Coutya – took on the world’s toughest obstacle course with a team of 18. Mark Bullock, team-member on the day, has written a piece on the day and given us an insight into the important of team-work in such a challenge…


“A group of people came together to take part in the South London Tough Mudder to increase awareness of, and raise funds, for AbleChildAfrica, a charity that supports disabled children in Africa. The charity is UK based working with and alongside partner organisations in Africa to achieve equal rights for disabled children and young people. They work with are some of the world’s most vulnerable children. The vision of the charity is a world in which all disabled children are fully included as equal members of society and are able to achieve their full potential. Their mission is to promote the realization of equal rights for disabled children and their families in Africa and to facilitate their meaningful inclusion in all aspects of life. I know from my experiences of working in this part of the world that there is so much to be done so when charity patron Anne Wafula Strike and other members of the team met me to persuade me to take part it was a very short conversation.

In the spirit of inclusion it would not have been right to undertake the challenge without a disabled person in the team and that role went to Dimitri Coutya a fencer who had just returned from the Paralympic Games in Brazil. Dimitri was knocked over by a car at the age of two and is a T4 Paraplegic meaning that he is paralyzed from the chest down.  I have worked in disability sport since 1991 and was sure that Dimitri would complete the Tough Mudder obstacles but was not quite sure how as this was my first Tough Mudder and a challenge for me too as I don’t like heights or being plunged into dirty ice cold water.

So this brings me to the team. The on course leader was Ronnie Rich also known as the FitBanker. Read more about him in the link below. I had not met Ronnie or Dimitri until the week of the race when we got together with AbleChildAfrica for a pre-event briefing. This was Ronnie’s third Tough Mudder and first with a disabled team member. As for the rest of the team they came together over social media and put themselves forward to be part of this endeavour.  As a group we met for the first time on the morning of the challenge and the team spirit and camaraderie was instantaneous. The range of experience in the team was wide ranging from first timers like me to someone doing their 30th to some who had done 50.

The course was 10.5 miles long with 22 obstacles to negotiate that included crossing bales of hay, crawling in mud under barbed wire, going over walls, through the ‘mud mile’, swinging on monkey bars over cold muddy water, crawling through tunnels and ‘electroshock therapy’!  In between the obstacles the terrain was tough with fallen trees, large tree roots, water filled ditches, slippery slopes and generally uneven & sometimes very muddy trails.

dimitri-monkey-barsSo we set off in our team of 12 and with the support and encouragement of another team to negotiate the course. I got cold, wet and pushed my own boundaries as I am quite fit but not great at heights and don’t like cold water especially when it is muddy and you can’t see. The team pulled together incredibly to complete the course led by Ronnie and Dimitri. The experience of the multiple Tough Mudders was invaluable in finding solutions to get Dimitri through and over the obstacles sometimes in the wheelchair and sometimes out of it. At times I was kneeling in cold muddy water forming a human bridge and at other I was leant up against a slope with my feet on someone’s shoulders and with somebody else on my shoulders so that Dimitri could clamber over us.  The team took turns to push and pull Dimitri’s chair through mud, across uneven ground and up steep slopes. The team lifted him across ditches and carried him over walls. Dimitri’s arm strength and determination made the tasks a little easier. On the flat and downhill we struggled to keep up. When Dimitri lost grip on the wet monkey bars and plunged into the water his immediate reaction was ‘Again, again.’

On reflection the thing that stands out for me most about taking part in this challenge is how the team came together with many of us not knowing each other to becoming a fluid and efficient unit that worked together to achieve the common goal of completing the course as a team. The support and encouragement that we received on the course from the other teams was fantastic. The stand out obstacle for me was ‘Block Ness Monster” where two large rotating blocks in water have to be negotiated. To achieve this we needed not only the cooperation of our own team but the collaboration of several other teams on the obstacle at the same time as us. This happened to be one of the obstacles on the spectator route and the reception Dimitri and the team received from fellow participants and the spectators was superb.


Thank you to Tough Mudder for making us so welcome. It was a fantastic day. You have a great concept that brings out the best in people. We will be back for more.  Thank you to Evie and Savraj from AbleChildAfrica for all the logistics and the encouragement (and the blanket at the end when I was sooo cold). Thank you to Anne Wafula Strike for asking me to be involved. Thank you to Wow Mobility for providing the wheelchair. And a huge thank you to Ronnie and all the other team members for an experience that I will remember for a very long time.  And finally thank you to Dimitri for being part of the team, and the fencing challenge still stands although I think I know the outcome.”



The team did an incredible job on Saturday, taking every obstacle in their stride and pulling together from the off-set. To donate, follow this link OR text MUDD14 £10 to 70070.

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    Hi I’m Wheelchair J Founder of Lifechangingoutdoorwheelchairs & Having received a request to create another Tough mudder Bespoke wheelchair With many thanks to MBE Anne Strike an amazing Lady her great Team & AbleChildAfrica
    The Heat was on to create it,this one for Paralympian Fencer Dimitri with him in Rio me in GB I had to use my own assessment experience that it was going to measure up like a good fitting shoe.
    One day before this a request came in, a bespoke Wheelchair for Rome was also requested omg.
    After hrs of offroad testing and dropping one part that concerned me that’s factor built Snapped,So through the night I made my own .
    I meet Dimitri a great guy & his Mum ,next it was Saturday morning At ToughMudder meet 2 lovely Women doing a fantastic Job you know who you are,then meet the great Team ,Dimitri left the start like a rabbit on nitrous haha it was incredible emotional inspiring he conquered Toughmudder wheelchair in one piece pleased and relieved to say.
    Dimitri made a great Speech along with his Team Raising Awareness and the profile of AbleChildAfrica ,An amazing day was had by All.

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