The Launch of Little Rock’s Bigger Inclusive Development Centre!

Over the past year AbleChildAfrica have been supporting Little Rock to achieve their dream of building a bigger and better Inclusive Development Centre for the children of Kibera. On 7th February 2013 Little Rock held a Dedication Ceremony to mark the official opening of the centre and to thank all of their friends, donors, supporters and partners who have help make  their dream a reality.

Jane Anthony, Executive Director of AbleChildAfrica, shares a few words after yesterday’s launch in Nairobi….

“Yesterday was an amazing day for Little Rock and AbleChildAfrica. There were so many great moments and memories but nothing beats the look on the parents faces when they passed through the school gates and saw the new building for the first time or the look on the children’s faces when after sitting so patiently through the ceremony they were released into the new playground. I watched in admiration as one student with mild CP and motor difficulties slowly climbed the ladder on a slide, her classmates waiting patiently for her at the bottom of the slide cheering her on. That must have been about the 10th time that day that my eyes watered over… At Little Rock all children learn to value themselves and one another, no matter where they come from. The teachers and the staff are inspirational and words cannot describe the heart and dedication of the Director Lilly Oyare. I feel so privileged to have taken this journey with Little Rock over the last 2 years and to have been adopted into their family. Congratulations to all at Little Rock!!”
Please do consider helping us celebrate this milestone with a small gift towards running the school this year by texting “ROCK15 £10″ to 70070. To help put it in perspective – that is enough to feed a child morning porridge and a school lunch (the only meals many of them receive all day) for 5 months!!

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