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Update from ANDY

As our partner ANDY comes to the end of the innovative Comic Relief funded Sports for Health project, ANDY’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Nancy Nteere gives us her perspective on the project and some of the successes over the past three years.

‘I can sincerely say that ANDY has had a great impact in my life, I would never had dreamt that with my disability, I could sharpen my swimming skills nor work in an organisation, these two aspects and many more have made me proud to be part of the project” Jeremiah Nyamongo (31), ANDY Sports for Health participants.

With great anticipation, the Sports for Health raised its curtains in July 2011. The project was unique as it brought together two aspects which are important in life, excitement and fulfilment.


Excitement participants would have the opportunity to engage in various sports and fulfilment as it involved the possibility of improving livelihoods through creating access to employment. Linking the two was the foundation of the project and was reflected as a running theme throughout the three years.

As the Sports for Health project’s curtains are slowly drawing to a close, we can reflect back and measure the impact we have had. Over 300 participants have been reached and participated in the various sports, over 120 participants been given start up capital for their business and over 60 participants have acquired internship opportunities in various organisations.

The impact which is measured through improved self confidence, fitness and team work is quite visible in all participants. The project has made a profound difference and will continue to do so throughout each of the participant’s lives as the look back and reflect on their individual learning experiences throughout the project.

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