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We are at a pivotal stage of our development. Our current strategy focuses on continuing to develop and establish AbleChildAfrica as a leader in the field, both by striving to do what we already do well even better and by expanding the ways in which we work to have an even larger impact. We are proud to have met and in many cases, surpassed, the majority of our goals outlined in the last strategic plan.

Annual Reviews 

Our Annual Reviews offer a punchy summary of what we do and the difference our projects make, whilst we focus on delivering what we envision and boldly state.

2018 Annual Review

2017 Annual Review

2016 Annual Review

2015 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

2012 Annual Review

Annual Audited Financial Accounts

Our Reports and Accounts provide a clear picture of our activities and financial position. The narrative chronicles our activities over the past year, and is supported by a formal record of transactions.

2018 Report and Accounts

2017 Report and Accounts

2016 Report and Accounts

2015 Report and Accounts

2014 Report and Accounts

2013 Report and Accounts

2012  Report and Accounts

2011  Report and Accounts

You can find out more information, view previous accounts and review our financial compliance on through our Charity Commission profile here.

 Strategic Plan 

Thank you for your interest in our Strategic Plan. The current Strategy (2017-2022) takes us up to the end of our 2021 financial year (ending 31st March 2022). Our current strategy seeks only to refresh and perhaps better articulate an extension of our previous strategy (2013 – 2016).

View Our Latest Strategic Plan

Theory Of Change 

Our Theory of Change articulates the change we want to see in the world, sets out the path we will take to effect that change, and clarifies our assumptions or evidence which underlies our chosen strategies.

View our Theory of Change

Ethical Fundraising Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to guide staff and Trustees on managing risk/conflict and to ensure clarity and openness to all our stakeholders. We also set out our intention to hold ourselves to the same high ethical standards as we do third parties and are committed to fundraising in an honest, transparent way and putting our supporters at the heart of everything we do as reflected in our Supporter Promise.

Read Our Ethical Fundraising Policy

The SDG’s and Me

This resource has been designed and printed for children with disabilities in Rwanda with funding from UK Aid Direct to educate children about disabilities and the Sustainable Development Goals as part of our project with UWEZO Youth Empowerment (Raising Aspirations: Disabled Youth Make the Sustainable Development Goals a Reality in Rwanda).

Read ‘The SDG’s and Me’ (large print) here.