Jane Anthony


Jane Anthony was Executive Director for AbleChildAfrica from 2011-2018, bringing over 15 years of experience working with disabled children. While initially working in the USA as a special, and later inclusive, education teacher, she developed an expertise in autism and learning/intellectual impairments. Over time she developed a commitment to wanting to have a greater impact on the lives of the most disadvantaged disabled children and eventually travelled to Africa to support children with autism in Ghana. Initially planned for 3 months, Jane lived in Ghana working on and researching childhood disability for nearly 3 years! In this time she worked on a variety of different projects, including developing an inclusive education teacher training programme with the National Government and supporting grass roots local disability NGO, DPO and parents organisations.  Jane came to the UK in 2006 to undertake a PhD, which explored the social and logistical barriers to accessing primary education for children with disabilities in Ghana.

Most recently before joining AbleChildAfrica, Jane collaborated on the development of a WHO led initiative addressing the inclusion and health needs of children and young people with intellectual disabilities across the European Region.

Currently, Jane is also a Co-Vice Chair on the Board for Action on Disability and Development International (ADD). She fills any spare time she can find with outdoor pursuits and as much travel as possible.