Christine Semambo Sempebwa (Uganda)

Christine holds a Masters Arts degree in Development Studies and has a career that spans over twenty five years. Her career and training has taken her to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Philippines, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom.  Starting in the formal education sector, as a teacher in Uganda and Kenya, after ten years of teaching, Christine joined the NGO (non-governmental organisation) world as a Public Relations Officer for an umbrella adult and non-formal education organisation based at Makerere University.

Christine later worked for Action Aid (Uganda) as the Communications Officer; according her the opportunity to travel to Action Aid Projects all over Uganda, documenting experiences and disseminating information across the programmes.  She has worked as the National Advocacy Coordinator for United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA); where she coordinated Reproductive Health(RH) projects of diverse stakeholders among them; 3 kingdoms, a coalition against gender violence and Government.


Christine also worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Ka Tutandike Uganda, where she had the opportunity of working with the disability fraternity, especially the Deaf. Currently, she is the Executive Director of Forum for African Women Educationalist Uganda Chapter, one of the 34 FAWE Chapters in Africa. In her free time, she loves volunteering with the youth and writing.