Noelah Msuya – the woman with a heart of gold

AbleChildAfrica prides itself on working directly with and alongside local African-led organisations. These are incredible grass-roots organisations that make a difference directly and on a daily basis to the lives of disabled children and to the communities where they are working. Each and every one of our partners are unique, have varying approaches and make changes at a local level in different ways. The people that are the heartbeat at the centre of these organisations are also unique; an array of wonderful characters that it is an honour to have met and worked with. But what unites our partners is that they are all led by dynamic, driven, caring, inspirational African leaders and facilitators of change. We want you to meet these people and see what it takes to make a difference directly to the lives of disabled children and to be a hero to hundreds, if not thousands, of local people in your community. So, let us introduce to you, Noelah Msuya, the Founder and Executive Director of Child Support Tanzania.

Noelah, founded CST, after completing a Special Education degree in Uganda, and returning to her hometown of Mbeya. Noelah saw that disabled children in her community were not getting access to education at an early age. Consequently, for those that were lucky enough to get an education at an older age, quickly fell behind in an environment that was not inclusive and didn’t factor in their learning needs. Noelah started the school in her father’s house with just a handful of pupils – CST now provides inclusive early childhood education to 120 pupils on a daily basis. Noelah has been central to this growth, drawing in the local community to support her – ranging from local companies, other schools and importantly engaging the Mbeya community, most notably when CST led a street parade through Mbeya to celebrate the Day of the African Child.

Noelah is celebrated locally by those who know her – they recognise the impact she is having on children and young people in community. Noelah is modest however, so she was reluctant to even mention that the Tanzanian national newspaper, Daily News, had chosen to celebrate her work in their recent article about her, aptly entitled “A woman with a heart of gold”.

You can read the article about Noelah here.

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