New Year, New Challenge! Support John Hobson in his epic fitness and fundraising challenge!

“I thought that as a way to mark this anniversary, and celebrate my birthday, that I would run further than I have ever run before, because…well…why not?!”

On 3rd February one of our brilliant supporters John Hobson will be taking on an EnduranceLife Ultra in support of AbleChildAfrica.

 Over the past couple of months John has battled both injury and harsh winter training, and is soon to take on a 34 mile trail run on the south Devon Coast in memory of his Mum who passed away last year.

We asked John a couple of questions ahead of his race:

Why did you choose to support Able Child Africa?

There are a number of reasons why I chose to support AbleChildAfrica.  The charity was originally suggested to me by my Dad who was going to run the London Marathon for them a few years ago but couldn’t because of injury.

My Mum, whom I am doing the Ultra Marathon in memory of, was a keen supporter of overseas aid charities, and she had a particular affinity for those working in Africa.

I have also previously done overseas aid work in Madagascar. During my time there I was overwhelmed by how happy the people were despite having so little and also realised how simple community-led help could go a long way to improving the health and wellbeing of the people and improve the quality of the environment.

Reading about AbleChildAfrica it struck me that they help some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the world and I knew that the money raised would make a real difference.

What have been the best and worst aspects of fundraising and training?

Right at the beginning of my training I had an IT band injury which massively hampered my training to the extent that I had serious doubts as to whether I would even make the start line. I finally got over the injury with a combination of physio help, diligently doing rehab exercises, running short distances regularly and just giving it time.

As I started to be able to run shorter distances on the flat injury free I slowly upped the distance and added some more hills in until I reached the point that I was able to train normally. I cannot tell you what a massive relief that was! It also meant that I could start doing the long runs in the hills around the Peak District which I just love and give me such joy. I really love discovering new routes and taking in new views. My weekend long training runs are the perfect opportunity to discover these.

The best aspect of the fundraising has been the extra meaning and sense of purpose that it has given the challenge. The worst aspect has been that I’m not a very good fundraiser or good at asking people for money!  I have mostly fundraised by posting on social media, highlighting different aspects of the challenge that might engage with people – the work of AbleChildAfrica, the personal challenge to me or that I am doing it memory of my Mum.

 We are so grateful for John’s support and wish him all the luck in the world for the race.

 If you would like sponsor John you can find his fundraising page at:

 If John has inspired you to take on a challenge yourself then why not sign up for and EndurenceLife event?  Challenges range from 10K to 54KUltra, are located nationwide and are FREE for fundraisers. Visit their website to find out more and sign up for a race today.

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