Dame Evelyn Glennie Launches BBC Radio 4 Appeal

AbleChildAfrica is delighted to have Patron, Dame Evelyn Glennie host our BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal to raise awareness for disabled children in Africa.

Despite significant progress in recent years, disability still struggles to receive widespread attention in international development arenas. We know the need is great: 15% of the world’s population is living with a disability; there are approximately 300 million disabled children in the world, 80% of whom live in developing countries. We also know commitment by donors is proportionately very low; less than 1% of all international aid funding is directed to projects addressing disability.


Listen to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal 

After 4th July Donations for AbleChildAfrica will no longer be accepted through the BBC website and those will instead go to the next charity featured.  We are still gratefully accepting donations for our appeal on our own website, please return after listening to donate using the link below. 

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Give to our Radio 4 Appeal today 

Every pound you donate goes towards vital work to give disabled children in Africa the best start to life possible.


Thank you in advance. With three decades of experience, we understand the needs of disabled children, but our success is only made possible by the kind donations we receive from our supporters.

Dame Evelyn on why she supports us



Dame Evelyn Glennie with AbleChildAfrica