The Happiest Fundraising 5K Run!

On Sunday 12th June 2016, I ran, walked, and skipped the ‘Happiest 5K in the World’: The Colour Run. Representing AbleChildAfrica, me and my colleague Hamdi signed up to fundraise for the great cause and I was keen to see if the challenge would live up to my high expectations. Well, it didn’t…

It surpassed them!

From seeing the legions of Colour Run kitted out faces on the train to Wembley, to the rainbow of dust, sweat and smiles as we crossed the finish line, I was truly blown away by how much fun I had. (It’s even got me fighting temptation to suddenly break into poetry!).

CR Selfie

Arriving from Olympic Way to the stadium, I was instantly delighted by the ocean of white shirts bobbing amongst each other, (as expressed in my obligatory glorious selfie!)

People from all walks of life, abilities and cultures had turned up for the occasion and it was a great spectacle.
I saw families, colleagues, friends, kids on a school trip, fancy dressers, cheerleaders, and people in wheelchairs and on crutches; all smiling, laughing and enjoying what was gearing up to be a truly momentous occasion.

Soon, we were finally off to circle the stadium. 5 minutes into the run I looked at Hamdi and she looked at me. Both of us were clearly thinking the same thing… “Where’s the colour?!” But fast-forward a few minutes of slowly building tension and a yellow behemoth of smog soon wafted in the air towards us.

It brought an ear to ear grin to our faces.

Game on.






What I love about this picture is that it not only demonstrates how happy we were during the event, but also how happy everyone was. The seamless intertwining of exhaustion and elation. These were people we had never met before, but you could not tell from looking at this picture
Hamdi embracing the day in all it’s glory


After an uphill run following the orange zone, our ‘run’ became more of a ‘walk!’ as we hit the blue-purple zone. Us and seemingly everyone around us took it in stride.
Basking in what was gearing up to be the last few steps of the amazing experience.


Great backdrop of Wembley with the Blue behemoth of smog.

We approached the finishing line drenched in rainbow sweat and sheer jubilation.

I crossed that line along with thousands of other runners, walkers and wheelers, all collectively basking in our collage of colours; and at that moment in time, I was unquestionably amongst the happiest people in the world.

In summary, if you’re still considering doing the Colour Run. DO IT.

And do it with AbleChildAfrica because as well as being a happy event, it can bring so much more happiness to the lives of children they work with in Africa.


Disclaimer: The Colour Run caters to all types of colour enthusiasts, if you want to be coated head to toe in a rainbow – No problem, if you’d rather have just a moderate splash of vibrancy – also no problem.

Sign up today at The Colour Run UK!







By Carl Apeagyei
Events and Fundraising Intern



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