I’m a Child

Junior Friends of AbleChildAfrica

We passionately believe that all children should be given a voice on matters they care about and that impact their lives.

Our partners work with us to ensure that children are heard in Africa and, in the UK, we offer opportunities for children to learn about and get involved with our work by becoming a Junior Friend of AbleChildAfrica.

Junior Friends of AbleChildAfrica is a special group of people aged 18 and under. To join all we ask is that you support our work in any way you think is important and that you have FUN doing it!  You will be supporting children who are often not given the chance to reach their full potential.

Together, we really know how to put the FUN into fundraising! Whether it’s an event organised at school or at home, or giving £1 per month from your pocket money, taking part is a great way to get creative, understand the value of charity and help raise money for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. You could even use Facebook, MySpace, Bebo or Twitter to tell people about our work, or write a letter to your local MP. The opportunities are endless!


Become a Junior Friend of AbleChildAfrica by letting us know about your event or get in touch for help with your ideas! If you are a parent or a pupil and want to get more inspiration on how you can help Transform the Lives of your Disabled Peers In Africa, please click here.


How you can put the FUN into fundraising

Bake Sale

Selling tasty treats like cupcakes and brownies really can help!

Dress Down Day

Ask a teacher to help free your school from uniforms, for donations!

Treasure Hunt

Organise a fun hunt at school or your neighbourhood, and charge donations for entry!


Collect sponsorship per page book you read. How many can you do?!

Movie Night

Host a movie night and charge for entry, popcorn and drinks!

Collection Tins

Get your local shop to display our tins and leaflets!

Birthday Gift

Ask your friends to turn up to your party with a gift to us!

Sponsored Silence

Shh! Give friends and familiy the chance to sponsor you for every hour you're silent!

Get Crafty

Get messy for a cause with homemade crafts, and sell your creations!

Our Junior Friends in Action



The Power of Children

Watch to see how one classroom of students raised an incredible 1,130 Euros in a single day with their amazing bake sale.

They became some of our first Junior Friends of AbleChildAfrica and have truly helped children we work with in Africa to get an education too.

Special credit goes to Special Needs Teacher Victoria Martin and her year 6 students at the British School of the Netherlands.

Thank you!