Celebrating the Day of the African Child 2019

In the lead up to the celebrations of The Day of the African Child on Sunday, we share with you a report from our partner USDC on how they have begun to mark the occasion by attending a National Symposium where children took part in the discussions on their rights.

“The Day of the African Child is commemorated on the 16th of June every year in conformity with the African Union resolutions to recall the 1979 uprising in Soweto, when a protest by school children in South Africa against apartheid–inspired education resulted in the public killing of these unarmed young protestors by police officials.

This year in Uganda, the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development in collaboration with partners organized a National Symposium under the theme ‘Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights First’. This symposium reflected deeply on the progress and successes in realizing children’s rights. Children took part in a debate and discussions on how their rights can best be met by stakeholders. Stakeholders present inclusive of (USDC, World Vision, Plan International, Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, National Council for Children among others) pledged to uphold and support the realization of children’s rights.

According to the 14 CWDs that represented USDC from Ndadamire Primary School in Bullisa, education was listed as the most pressing right for children followed by the right to food, right to play and right to medication respectively. This shows that education is a pertinent issue to children and all efforts towards provision of quality education should be done.

USDC therefore pledges to advocate for Inclusive education and hence promote a rights-based quality education which emphasizes equity in access and participation and responds positively to the individual learning needs and competencies of all children”.

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