Our Work

Who We Are

AbleChildAfrica is unique in that we work exclusively with and for children with disabilities and their families in Africa, and are the leading UK charity to do so. The children we work with are some of the world’s most vulnerable.

Our Mission is to promote the realisation of equal rights for children with disabilities and their families in Africa and to facilitate their meaningful inclusion in all aspects of life. This is achieved by working in partnership with locally registered and independent African organisations to provide direct services such as health and education, as well as by engaging in advocacy and influencing work in the UK and internationally.

Our Vision is a world in which all children with disabilities are fully included as equal members of society and are able to achieve their full potential.

How We Work

heart Working In Partnership

We support and resource partner organisations in Africa, working together to directly improve the lives of children with disabilities and their families.

Picture of 2 AbleChildAfrica team members and the Director of our partner Little Rock
Children at a microphone advocating for their rights.
heart Advocacy

We influence policy, legislation and international law for the rights and needs of children with disabilities in Africa

heart Sharing our expertise

We provide training, resources, support and consultancy services

You Can Help

Whatever you give today, your donation has the power to change the life of a child with a disability in Africa.  

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We Believe In

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Giving disabled children the tools to take charge of their own future

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A rights based approach to development

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The social model of disability

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Strengthening African led institutions for the long term

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Collaborating and sharing resources with those who share our vision

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Our approach offers the greatest value for money

Why We Exist 

People with disabilities represent the world’s largest minority.  Around 15% of the world’s population have disabilities, that’s 1 in every 7 people.  Of those, approximately 80% live in developing countries and 150 million are children.  The need is huge and the rates of disability continue to rise. Unfortunately, the world’s attention, support and resourcing does not currently keep up with this need.  AbleChildAfrica exists to fill this gap; we work exclusively with and for children with disabilities in Africa.

Children with disabilities are disproportionately denied their rights. Stigma and prejudice result from a lack of understanding and knowledge surrounding disability and negative religious or cultural beliefs. This stigma is compounded by a lack appropriate services, unsupportive legislation, inaccessible environments, poverty, social exclusion and humanitarian emergencies, all of which makes children with disabilities uniquely vulnerable.

Too often, children with disabilities are viewed and judged by what they lack rather than what they have or can do.  Children with disabilities in Africa are largely invisible, experience widespread violations of their rights and are too often denied their dignity and identity. AbleChildAfrica exists to give all children an equal chance in life.

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