AbleChildAfrica is #UpForSchool!

Photo of Melody from Little Rock.AbleChildAfrica has joined the #UpForSchool campaign, which is calling on world leaders to make education a priority to ensure the 59 million out of school children gain their right to education.
One out of three children who are out of school have a disability, and without focusing global efforts on tackling the barriers disabled children face, international commitments to ‘education for all’ will never be realised.

AbleChildAfrica, as part of the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), has started a petition to show our support for an inclusive and equitable quality education for children with disabilities. We are asking you to join us in signing the petition, to show your support that children with disabilities are #UpForSchool!

AbleChildAfrica and our partners have the incredible privilege to work with some amazing children who are passionate about their right to go to school!

Melody, a student at Little Rock Inclusive ECD Centre, has been campaigning in Kenya about disabled children rights to go to school. Click here to find out more about Melody and other inspiring children on the IDDC website.

Time to take action!

With only 1 month until the petition will be presented to World Leaders at the UN General Assembly in New York we need your help in gathering as many signatures as possible.

  1. Click here to sign the petition online
  2. Share the petition with friends and family on social media using #UpForSchool @AbleChildAfrica

If you would like to gather signatures offline, contact for petition forms!

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