Action Network for Disabled Youth

Action Network for Disabled Youth (ANDY) is a youth led disabled persons organisation (DPO), run by and for young disabled people in Kenya. ANDY is dedicated to achieving equality, inclusion and empowerment of disabled youth in Kenya.

 ANDY’s mission is to advance and advocate for equal opportunities for youth with disabilities, through promoting proactive social and economic participation. They are dedicated to achieving equality, inclusion and empowerment of disabled youth in Kenya.  They seek to mainstream disabled youth into to all aspects of daily life – unfortunately yet far from common in Kenyan society. Their work focuses mainly at the grassroots level, where they operate to reach and raise the voices of the often unheard at the national and international levels.  They advocate for equal opportunities for youth with disabilities, through promoting proactive social and economic participation and to involve youth with disabilities in development and decision-making processes. Key areas of focus include education, employment, health, sport and fitness, HIV/AIDS awareness, economic empowerment and the right to vote/participate in Government.

 ANDY (then called KEDAN) became a partners with AbleChildAfrica in 2007.  Our early projects together included strategic organisational development for ANDY youth advocacy work with disabled children in Nairobi.  From 2011-2014, together we delivered an innovative Sports for Health project, which used sport and physical fitness as a catalyst to raise self-esteem and confidence of participants and then transferred this to opportunities to get into the workplace, through business planning/loans and professional internship opportunities.  This project provided a step up for over 300 disabled youth and ANDY continues to run elements of this successful project independently.

AbleChildAfrica continues to support ANDY with organisational development, to date we have assisted in HR practices such as creating job description templates and supporting the development of annual staff evaluations as well as good governance support through mentorship of board processes, membership and terms of reference for sub-committee structures. We are on hand to assist ANDY as and when needed!

 In Kenya, less than 5% of young disabled people in Nairobi are employed and under 10% have had access to education. They have limited access to education, health, employment or rehabilitation. Disabled youth in Kenya also face inbuilt social, cultural and economic prejudices, stigmatisation and sometimes, abuse and violence.

 AbleChildAfrica is currently supporting ANDY in the following areas:

Sports and Schools Project
Our previous Sports for Health project demonstrated first-hand the successful link between access to sports and increased health, confidence and skills amongst its adult participants.  Using sports as an innovative tool for change and an access route to school, together AbleChildAfrica and ANDY are rolling out this inclusive sports programme to school age children.  An inclusive sports programme, led and run by disabled people, is being piloted in 4 primary schools, offering sports such as wheelchair basketball, swimming and goalball.  In doing so, we support disabled children to participate in school and sports rather than staying at home with little opportunity for educational and social activities. To complement this, the project also trains teachers and sport coaches, reshapes community attitudes towards disability and provides the space and knowledge for parents to support each other.

 Together AbleChildAfrica and ANDY have identified the following next steps and are currently seeking funding to deliver the following activities:

Scaling-up Schools Programme
AbleChildAfrica is currently seeking funding to scale up the Sports and Schools Project. We are hoping to roll-out the model to a number of Primary Schools in and around Nairobi.

Art and Drama Programme
ANDY and AbleChildAfrica is also currently exploring the possibility of using Art and Drama Programmes toe encourage and facilitate the enrolment of disabled children in local primary schools.

Child Rights Clubs
ANDY and AbleChildAfrica is currently seeking funding to develop a project which would set up a number of Child Rights Clubs in Primary and Secondary Schools across Nairobi. These clubs would be inclusive and would seek to enable children to defend and enact their rights.  

If you would like to learn more about, get involved with or provide funding for any of the above projects please contact Lauren Watters, Programme Development Manager, on


The Olympic torch bearing in UK, that was really something
Fred Ouko
Director, ANDY

How you can help

£500 can provide can provide inclusive education training for the entire teaching staff a Primary School. This training would provide teachers with the confidence to include disabled children in their classrooms and give a disabled child their right to education.


Latest ANDY News


2012 Paralympic Torch Relay

AbleChildAfrica was honoured as Paralympic torchbearers due to the success of our Sport for Change project, delivered in partnership with ANDY.  This project embraced the power of sport to make a positive change in the lives of young Kenyans with disabilities and has since been rolled out to our schools programme.

Torchbearers included Jane Anthony, Executive Director and Shikuku Obosi, Trustee from AbleChildAfrica, Fred Ouko, Director and  Alfred Simuyu, Wheelchair Basketball Coach from ANDY and AbleChildAfrica’s Patron Anne Wafula Strike.  They carried the Paralympic Flame on 29th August 2012 at 10 am through the London Zoo.