Our Finances

Value for Money

As a small bespoke charity we recognise the value of every penny donated and reaffirm here our continuing commitment to keeping support costs as low as possible and maximising expenditure on charitable activities. However, we also recognise the need to invest in new activities as we grow and have made increased investments in fundraising support and our advocacy work stream over the current year. This has resulted in a small increase in our support costs of .05p for every pound raised in 2015-2016. Even with this small increase we are proud that a whole 86p of every £1 was spent on charitable activities during the year.



You Can Help

Whatever you give today, your donation has the power to change the life of a child with a disability  in Africa.  

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How we are Funded 

For funds that give us the flexibility to respond quickly to an urgent need, support our current partners or develop new projects we rely heavily on unrestricted funding.  This comes from:

  • Individual Donors, including Friends of AbleChildAfrica
  • Challenge Events such as the London Marathon, Live Below the Poverty Line, Tough Mudder, Ride 100 & other challenges.
  • Our Annual Gala Dinner and other AbleChildAfrica Events
  • Legacies

Approximately 2/3 of our income comes from grant-making bodies.  We are grateful for funding from the following organisations in 2014- 2015.

  • UK Department for International Development (DFID)
  • Comic Relief
  • Jersey Overseas Aid Commission
  • Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission
  • Medicor Foundation
  • Souter Foundation
  • SDL  Foundation
  • International Performers Aid Trust
  • The Marr Munning Trust

AbleChildAfrica is able to offer innovative partnerships with companies that are looking to make a difference to the lives of young disabled people in Africa. Current corporate sponsors include Trade Export and Finance (TXF) Media as well as Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, who were instrumental in the building of the new complex Little Rock and continue supporting our work educating disabled children.  You can learn more about our corporate partnerships here.

We are also reliant on donations in kind and are grateful for pro-bono support from the following people and companies:

  • Regular pro-bono branding and design from Jennifer Rose Designs
  • Super Being Labs for the design and support for our fabulous new website
  • Paper Dog for our 2015 logo and brand refresh
  • TXF Media for their ongoing partnership
  • Monckton Chambers & CISCO for trustee meeting rooms and refreshments
  • Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC for computers
  • Staff Training from The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI)

We are extremely grateful for the time, dedication and professionalism of all our volunteers and interns, including in particular this year: Anthony Ford-Shubrook, Matt Maclure and Sarah Mageean.



Reports and accounts 

You can view our financial accounts & annual reviews here

Our goal is to continue to grow our financial resources to increase our programs and impact. In this way, together we can reach more of the world’s most vulnerable children.